25 September 2008

The Little Mermaid (a retelling of the classic fairy tale)

Midnight Pearls- By Debbie Viguié

This is on of the "Once Upon a Time" books. A series of books that are "retellings" of classic fairy tales. One of the best in that series, this watery wonderland book is well worth the hour it takes to read it.

Main Character- Pearl
Little Mermaid- Faye
Prince- James
Prince- Kale

As you can see the "little mermaid" is actually not the main character. This is a retelling so the main elements- the sea witch, the seven to three days (there are variations) and the mermaid falling in love with a Prince from the land- are still there but with a more intricate plot, a fresh and new outlook of the story.

A betrayal...a lover from the sea...and a kidnapping, these are the new twists which Ms Viguié has added which make this delightful tale all the more enjoyable. A ethereal, misty masterpiece under whose surface lies deception and darkness. This is a wonderful fantsy novel whose story is as reckless and changable as the sea.

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