30 September 2008

The Dark: Guardians of Time

Ethan...Isabel..Lorian and Arkarian are back in this action packed sequel to The Named.

This time our two narrators are Isabel and Arkarian and a new warrior has joined the named as one of the final players in the prophecy. With Marduke's death the Goddess has become more and more relentless in her pursuit of power. She has lost Rochelle to the Guard and her soul mate (Marduke) is lost in the world between worlds. Lorian and the Guard are hard pressed from all sides. Veridian and Angel Falls need to be protected from the Goddess's ire and the Guard has to make sure Neriah is well protected also.

Arkarian- He is the most trusted and elevated member of the guard, the one who devised the plan to kill Marduke. The Goddess does not forget- she kidnaps Arkarian and we finally find out where the place is where "It is midnight every day and black flowers bloom under a bleeding moon"

Ethan- Back again, Ethan has a new apprentice- Matt. He is still pairing with Isabel on missions and fighting with Carter- oh what a surprise! When his mothers life is shown to be threatened and Arkarian is kidnapped his world spins out of controll, as always though Ethan will risk everything for a friend, even an Immortals displeasure and not just couldy skies but black skies- the future of this mission does not appear bright.

Matt- He is the leader mentioned in the prophecy. His powers have yet to show and he is as depressed and protective as ever! But when Ethan and Isabel plot a daring rescue attempt to save Arkarians life, Matt defies everyone- Isabel, Ethan and even Lorian to go with them.

Isabel- Our lovely and smart and capable heroine is at it again. She has learned to mask all of those embarassing thoughts that seem to pop up in the truthseers presence. She has yet to learn how to guard her heart though. When Arkarian is kidnapped will she risk life itself to save him? Or will she watch from afar while Arkarians life bleeds slowly out?

In this book everything has grown- love, treachery- betrayal, the world has expanded with the cast. The Order is raising in power and one of Ethan's closest friends will be found to be a member of the Order of Chaos- will the Past be protected? Or will Chaos reign supreme and the Future be changed- to find out- read The Dark.

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