30 September 2008

The Named: Where Fantasy and Reality Intwine and Worlds Collide

The Named (The Guardians of Time Trilogy)

What if you could protect the Future...by traveling into the Past

The Named- where the Gaurdians of Time travel into history to protect life as we know from the Goddess of Chaos, a rampaging Immortal intent on taking over the world.

Ethan- a member of "The Named", part of a prophecy made years ago fortelling the end of the battle that rages between Lorian and the Goddess, and the main character of the book. He has been promoted to "Trainer" and his apprentice is - his ex-best friend' sister- which doesn't set well with Matt (the ex-friend) who is overprotective as well as the jumping-to-conclusion's type. With his fragile peace with Matt verging on all out war, and his standing with the Tribunal in jeopardy this is an interesting time to spend with him.

Isabel- Matt's sister and Ethan's apprentice she is a huge part of this story. With her gift- healing- revealing itself the Guardians recrute her and Ethan has only two weeks to get her ready for her first mission- to save King Richard the II of England.

In this book of ambiguity and beautiful ideas. Everything is not what it seems. Mysterious and mesmeric this is a very, very enjoyable read. Fantasy and reality intwine in this lovely book where worlds and deminsions collide.

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