28 August 2008

Scarlet Moon

Scarlet Moon- by Debbie Viguié

A wolf...a grandmother...and a scarlet moon.

Ruth- She knew when her brother left he might never come back. When the Wolf attacked her she knew she might die. When she falls passionately in love with Lord William, the Earl... she doesn't know, doesn't have a clue what will happen.

William- Earl...Hero...Villian. His past is dark. His future is darker. He is haunted by his family's curse. Stalked by the fear that he will harm the woman who he loves. Ruth, his shining light...the girl who he almost killed as a child.

Grandma- She was banished from the village for her supposed "witch craft". She is not a witch...she is a healer and a loving, kind woman. She is a wise woman a star-watcher and a mind reader. When her granddaughter is threatened with a darkness she can not fathom what will this wise woman do?

Stephen- Loving brother...devoted son. He left for the war and found death.

Peter- He was as close to her as a brother, but the war messed with his mind... now she doesn't know what to make of him.

When a killer is released in the forest how will Ruth discover who is behind it?
When she falls in love with the Earl what will become of it?

It this story anything is possible. The monster is masked as a friend...the lover hidden by a beast. Who will survive the Scarlet Moon...

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