27 May 2008

Prince Caspian (the ultimate review)

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"Prince Caspian" was subtitle by it's author "The return to Narnia." C. S. Lewis, (in my book) is the greatest christian fiction author of all time. He is wonderful!!! His plots so enjoyable, yet all of them hold deeper than surface meaning. I love his books. Prince Caspian is my favorite in his seven book series. It is such a wonderful story. So fairytaleish and awsome. Of course my favorite character in the book is Caspian. However in the movie, I have to admitt that King Peter (William Moseley) out did himself, both in acting and in deminsion of character. The writers, although they departed somewhat from the book added a speacial place for Peter in our hearts. We can relate to him so much better as the doubting youth than the fierce and loving King of Narnia. Correct me if I'm wrong but so far as I know none of ya'll are kings, (or queens for that matter). Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) also gives a wonderful preformance. His short lived romance with Queen Susan (Anna Popplewell) is entertaining and lovable. I personally was sad Susan couldn't stay with Caspian forever in Narnia. Knowing (as I've read the Last Battle) that Susan will ultimately never come back I was rather gloomy. Skander Keynes line when he is correcting Miraz as to the userpers calling him "prince" is great he says, "King Edmund, but just King Peter's the High King" that line cracked me up, Ha, Ha, Ha. Mr Keynes, you are a great actor. Georgie Henley, not to be left out shines as Lucy as she did in the first installment of The Chronicles of Narnia. Her character is perfect. Trusting and helpful as the Lucy of the books always was. All in all, this is a movie to add to your permament collection. GO SEE IT!!! It's AWSOME!!!

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