01 June 2015

Nothing much happened today...just tea with the Princess

Hello faithful readers! Today was the first day of classes at Castle Brunnenburg. As promised I took pictures of my dorm:

We started class at 9 am this morning with our Venice course. For the first day we had a quiz and some in depth discussion of Mary de Rachewiltz book, Discretions. Mary de Rachewiltz owns Castle Brunnenburg and is a Princess! Her book is an autobiography that tells about her fascinating life and her relationship with her father, Ezra Pound, one of the most famous 20th century American poets and a very controversial figure. Outside the window to the classroom we could see the Alps:

After this class we adjourned for lunch. The food at the castle is the best I have had in Italy thus far. The produce was grown on the slopes of Tirol. Italy's practice of utilizing locally grown produce ensures that food here is top notch:

Then we had our Sustainability class with Mary's son, Dr. de Rachewiltz. It was very good! We are going to read The Odyssey, which I am super excited about (which anyone who knows me well will understand completely). After the class Natalie and I had tea with Princess Mary!! It was so fun. She is a fascinating lady. She is still sharp as a tac - though almost 90. It was an unforgettable experience. Now to bed! Goodnight from Castle Brunnenburg.

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