26 August 2009

Love & Loyalty

Hera, goddess of Devotion;
Zeus the god of the Skies,
Poseidon, god of the Ocean,
Athena, grey-eyed goddess wise

All fair lovers, all betrayed;
Echo savior of her friends,
Medusa on whom a curse was laid;
A warning to all lovers lends.

Zeus how could you forsake Juno?
Who loves you with such fiery passion?
But no you had to play it uno,
And fall to skin deep attraction.

Medusa, fair mortal, lover of the sea king,
Poseidon’s promise to Athena he did break;
This will be met with curses and despising;
Medusa his aloofness seals your fate.

And now a warning to all whom lovers cheat,
You do not only yourself soil,
For vengeful wives will curse and beat;
So beware- do not lightly be disloyal!

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