04 February 2009

The Trickster's Choice

Trickster's Choice (Daughter of the Lioness Book 1)


Alianne (Aly) Cooper is the daughter of George Cooper, His Majesty’s Spy-master, and Alanna (Lioness) Cooper, King’s Champion. She has as her god-parents a King and Queen and as her adopted uncle and aunt the most powerful Mage in the realm and a half-goddess enchantress. But what will happen when sixteen year old Aly sneaks away from her over-protective and powerful family? The adventure begins...

Captured by slave-traders (and with it not being Pirate season yet- dumb pirates, can’t they tell time, they’re not due for at least another month!) she is taken from her ancestral home Tortall to the political turmoil of the Copper Islands. Bought by Duke Mequen, third in line for the throne, she resolves to escape and return to her father as soon as possible, but is swayed from her resolve by The Trickster.

Kyprioth, Trickster and rebellious little brother, he is determined to reclaim his throne- the worship of the Copper Isle peoples- that was stolen from him by his bother, Shining Mythros, and his sister the Mother Goddess. Aly is caught up in his scheme from the very beginning. He offers her a wager- keep Duke Mequen’s children safe for the summer and win a trip home and a place within her father’s inner circle of spies, or lose and be Kyprioth’s thrall for a year.
The draw of the game is too alluring to refuse, she accepts, and is thrust into the world of political intrigue and violence, where you are assassinated for the blood that runs through your veins.

Nawat Crow, the handsome “Crow-man” took human shape to protect Aly from the dangers that haunt her. He can run like a horse, swift as and eagle, yet silent as the wind, and his fingers are so swift they can pluck arrows from the air like ripe cherries, and delicate enough to fletch arrows with deadly Stormwing feathers. This man is protector and danger, all rolled into one of the funniest heroes every to stalk the pages of the mystical realm. Protector of Aly’s future and danger to her heart, he is both alluring and frightening.

Sarai, Dove, Namair, George, Jonathan, Thayet, Alanna, Mythros, Winnie and Alan are just a few of the characters that will march into you heart through the heralding pages of Trickster’s Choice and lodge there, bringing mystery and excitement with them. The game of The Trickster, is just beginning...The Tricksters Choice, has been made...

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