26 June 2008

Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock

Camp Rock, the new hype in Disney's musical movies for juvenilles! High school Musical, well, I liked it O.K. but Camp Rock, it's wonderful! Jonas Brothers, where do I start? They're talented, funny and have reat voices to match their cute-ness! Demi Lavato has a wonderful voice and all-in-all I thought this was a fun movie to watch. The music is good and the plot is remnisent of Fame, the TV show of the late 1900's.

Camp Rock is a summer camp for talented yound adults. Mitchie's mom is camp cook, and when she decieves everyone into thinking her mom is a big shot in China she is excepted into the "Cool Girls" group. This however is not to last. Michie makes a friendship with the pop star Shane who is staying at the cam to teach. But when Mitvhie's covr is blown, and Shane finds out she's been lying to him, will their friendship bear the strain...or will her lie cost them their budding camaraderie? This is a good movie for the entire family! Enjoyable for everyone, don't miss it!

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